Common Conditions

We don't limit our therapy to just hand injuries. We also see patients that are experiencing issues with their wrist, forearm, elbow, all the way up to their shoulder. Below is a list of some of the most common diagnoses we see. Please note that this is not a complete list, so please call us if you have a diagnosis that is not on the list.

  • Amputations
  • Arthritis; Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) and Osteoarthritis (OA)
  • Arthroplasties
  • Brachial Plexus Injuries
  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  • Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS)
  • Crush Injuries
  • Dislocations
  • Dupuytren’s Contracture
  • Elbow Injuries including Fractures, Sprains, Strains
  • Flexor/Extensor Tendon Injuries/Repairs
  • Fractures (entire upper extremity)
  • Ligamentous Injuries (TFCC, RCL/UCL)
  • Medial and Lateral Epicondylitis
  • Neuropathies
  • P/O Ganglion Removal
  • Shoulder Injuries, including Rotator Cuff, Ligament Injury/Instability/Repair, Fractures
  • Tendon Transfers
  • Tenolysis
  • Wrist Injuries

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